Confomos are so lame, Read Originals and be a game changer

Ok first post that’s about a book ,here we go!

So last night I finished reading an advanced reading copy of Adam Grant I received from Penguin Random House (Why they never named their merged company The Random Penguin is beyond me, I think it would have been awesome)  and I loved it!

So Originals basic concept is to show anyone how they can be Originals and not be a conformo, cause they suck. Rebellion is not a phase ,its a lifestyle mom!

This book is a great balancing act of story, psychological theory , and business theory. Using stories focused around the suffrage movement, Martin Luther Kings famous, “I Have a Dream” speech , the story of how Steve Jobs was one of the biggest supporters of the Segway (yeah you read that right), a woman named Donna Dubinsky who was indirectly responsible for the creation of the Iphone thanks to her gutsy decision to argue against a corporate decision, the creation of a wikki for the CIA and many many more amazing stories of people who swam against the stream.

Some of the major takeaways from this book?

Procrastination is good for the creative process! Rejoice students everywhere!

When introducing an extreme idea, something that really deviates from the norm, its best to tone down the message or wrap it in something familiar before you try and get the  more conservative crowd on your side.

Instead of assigning a devils advocate ,try to get them to come out organically. This way you and your team can look at other options with open minds.

Never take the status-quo as it is. Ask yourself why it exists and the human minds behind it and soon you’ll see it as something that can be changed.

Seek feedback from the the proper audiences. Look for people that share your non-conformist ideals!

Ever been so scared that you feel paralyzed? Don’t tell yourself to calm down. That’s like trying to stop a truck doing 200 km/hr. Instead turn that pulse pounding fear into excitement! Next time you’re afraid ,say to yourself “I am excited!” Turn that fear into excitement!

There’s so much more to learn from this book, and it’s alotta fun to read, highly recommend this one!

And conforming sucks, just ask the Goth Kids

“I’m such a nonconformist that I’m not going to conform with the rest of you”

-Micheal, The Goth Kids

-South Park


4 thoughts on “Confomos are so lame, Read Originals and be a game changer

  1. I’ll try that next time I hear something troubling on network news. “I’m not scared, I’m excited about this new potential for chaos and destruction!” Wait, that advice doesn’t work well for everything.


    1. The “I’m excited” tactic is made for overcoming personal obstacles ie. Public speaking, getting on a scary roller coaster or chating with that cute girl across the room 😉


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