The Crooked Heart of Misery. You should get that checked by ,like, a doctor.

Billie Livingston’s The Crooked Heart of Misery was given to a bunch of us booksellers with a special cover that said ,”The Writer You Need To Read Right Now”.

I don’t usually take up corporate sponsored recommendations, but I decided to take a chance on this one and I didn’t regret a moment of it. The first paragraph in which Bens thoughts wonder on the whiteness of a room he’s in is enough to pull you in.

The story focuses around two characters, Ben who wakes up one day with a hole in his head after an accident during his work as a limo driver, and Maggie ,Ben’s Ex, who is trying to put herself together after her ex husbands accident.

Francis, Maggie’s brother whom she trys to confide in, is a Catholic priest , who is not only gay but is a wild drunk (or was just filled with the blood of Christ) faces public embarrassment after a video of his behavior goes viral.

The writing is fantastic and the chaotic story makes this a book you’ll definitely want to read.

Bro’s don’t let the cheesy title scare you off, this one isn’t in the romance section.


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