Monkey neurons see, monkey neurons do

Okay they aren’t called monkey neurons ,no one has those.

Well maybe Tarzan.

As I’ve read more and more business psychology books one subject seems to repeat itself over and over again. Mirror Neurons.

What are mirror neurons? Well basically they are the neurons that are responsible for turning  something you see or experience and translating that into an action or behavior that you can imitate or even feel.

You can easily test this, simply by imagining or recalling something you saw someone do on t.v. and reenact the exact movements.

You may have never used a Bow and Arrow before but I can assure you that you could easily imitate that exact actions an archer will go through when firing a bow out of an arrow.

That is your Mirror Neurons in action right there. Mirror neurons are not limited to giving us the ability to quickly pick up physical motions, they are even involved in emotions. Studies have shown that peoples ability to feel empathy , and are even involved in the act of introspection and self awareness as well. Ever get hungry just watching someone eat, even to the point where you can taste the food they are eating? Mirror Neurons!

The way a baby imitates the faces you make at it? Mirror Neurons!

How did Tarzan learn to swing on vines and climb trees like the other monkeys? Mirror neurons!

So next time you’re getting a sudden craving while watching people eat or feeling like you can pull of a parkour move you saw on Youtube, remember that this is your mirror neurons in action!


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