80/20 ,two numbers lazy people will love.

8-12 hours sleeping

3~ hours on breakfast, lunch and dinner

2 hours in the bathroom

An hour to three hours watching t.v.

and about 2 hours of actual work

That’s my average day on my days off.  I’m working towards being an entrepreneur and I only do about two to three hours of actual work. Think I’ll succeed?

I’ve just read Richard Koch’s “The 80/20 Principle” and through the efficient use of the 80/20 principle I may make it with little real effort.

If you haven’t been to a business class in the past decade or two, here’s the basic idea of the 80-20 principle. 20% of your inputs are responsible for %80 of your outputs.

This principle can be applied outwardly as well. 80% of crime is committed by  20% of criminals. %80 of the worlds wealth is controlled by 20% of the population. %80 of infected patients are infect by %20 of carriers.

You get the idea. It’s all about finding value, finding where the most impact is made and focusing on that to capitalize and make any aspect of your life more efficient.

This mindset isn’t always easy to adopt. Some people find joy in being busy and wasting time on fruitless tasks, but we all know that isn’t you. Personally I find that being inherently lazy actually works in your favor when you adopt the 80/20 principle.  We lazy people will always find an easier way of doing something.

I’m available bill!

80/20 isn’t something you’ll adopt overnight. Old habits die hard, it will be hard to let go of things and drop the, “I always gotta be working attitude”  because you’ll feel like you just half assed it. The risk is always there regardless, but know that the journey towards a more efficient you will be worth it. Apply 80/20 wherever possible. Relationships, habits, work, play, fitness,  and business.

Sometimes you’ll need to be ruthless in what you will need to cut out. We all know that their are people who just drain our time, habits that cost way too much, and tasks which yield little profits. When something or someone you put a lot of value into dose not bring the same amount of value back, its time to show those things the door.

A value driven life will only yield value driven results.


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