Illuminae the way!

Illuminae really caught me eye because it has very bright orange cover.

Then I opened it and it reeeally caught my eye, because I found out that this was no ordinary book! It’s a mix of novel and graphic novel! And it was a sci-fi book on top!

All gimmicks aside, I really enjoyed reading this book. It tells the story of two teens, Kady Grant and Ezra Mason, who live on a settlement called Karenza in a galaxy far far away…well it might be close by ,I don’t know.  The two once love birds break one day and the next day a corporate battleship, The Lincoln, decides to attack the settlement and kill hundreds of their neighbors and friends.

Two ships arrive to take survivors away from the planet so they may live to tell the tale. The ships ,The Hypatia and Copernicus, shelter thousands of refugees and are racing towards a hyperjump portal to get the survivors to a safe planet. Why are they racing? Because the Lincoln is hot on their tale and resources are scarce.

Rouge AIs, and viral outbreak and race to survival take Kady and Ezras relationship to a new level as they work together to survive. Illuminae is an intense story full of suspense, action and lots of IMing, give this unique reading experience a try!


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