Illuminae the way!

Illuminae really caught me eye because it has very bright orange cover.

Then I opened it and it reeeally caught my eye, because I found out that this was no ordinary book! It’s a mix of novel and graphic novel! And it was a sci-fi book on top!

All gimmicks aside, I really enjoyed reading this book. It tells the story of two teens, Kady Grant and Ezra Mason, who live on a settlement called Karenza in a galaxy far far away…well it might be close by ,I don’t know.  The two once love birds break one day and the next day a corporate battleship, The Lincoln, decides to attack the settlement and kill hundreds of their neighbors and friends.

Two ships arrive to take survivors away from the planet so they may live to tell the tale. The ships ,The Hypatia and Copernicus, shelter thousands of refugees and are racing towards a hyperjump portal to get the survivors to a safe planet. Why are they racing? Because the Lincoln is hot on their tale and resources are scarce.

Rouge AIs, and viral outbreak and race to survival take Kady and Ezras relationship to a new level as they work together to survive. Illuminae is an intense story full of suspense, action and lots of IMing, give this unique reading experience a try!


5 reasons you should read Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuks Fight Club is the closest thing I have to a Bible. I can quote lines out of the book and the movie as automatically as breathing.

Haven’t read or seen it? Here’s why need to:

1) Tyler Durden will automatically become your now mentor and role model

2) Get a true understanding of the real world

3) You may not find out who you are, but you will find out who you arn’t and believe me it’s not what your employer says you are

4) Learn the real difference between
what you need and what you want

5) You are not special. These words will be the most motivational words you’ll ever hear.

Hope that peaked your interest. Oh one more:

6) You do not talk about

Thin Slice. No thinner that th-opps too thin.

Some time ago I read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, a guy I consider to be a modern day philosopher, like our modern equivalent to Socrates in his time. Anyone who has been to a college or uni class has probably seen at least one of his TED Talks. The one about spaghetti sauce may never leave my mind.

In Blink Malcolm Gladwell explores the power of the unconscious. The power of thinking without thinking, the way our minds process tons of information in milli-seconds and spit out whats relevant in an instant.

 The book opens with a story of The Kouros. The Kouros is a statue that was purchased by the Getty Museum. The Getty Museum convinced that this rare statue was authentic, enthusiastically made plans to purchase the statue for a cool Ten million, as a way of getting more visitors in the museum and to make a name for themselves. Going through proper due diligence the museum had the statue examined and tested by scientists to prove that it was the real deal. All tests came out positive!

After 14 months of testing, the statue went up for the public to see. But their was a problem with it. As more and more art historians and professionals came to see the statue, they immediately spotted something wrong. One said it was “fresh” ,another noted something amiss with it fingernails. After more and more doubts about the Kouros’ authenticity it was shipped over to Athens for further observation, only to be met with more criticism.

Eventually after more testing and tracing the Kurous’ roots it was discovered that it was indeed a fake.

So what did the art dealers and professionals see that the scientists didn’t?

Its what Malcolm Gladwell calls Thin Slicing. Using previous experience and knowledge on a certain subject, task or event to look at a similar task, subject and event and make conclusions based on something as simple as a glance.

We do this all the time without realizing it. We can create a full predicted profile on someone based on a glance at them. Their occupations, income levels, friendliness, ethnic background and so much more in split seconds. If you watch someone practicing shots on a basketball court eventually you’ll be able to predict whether they’ll go in or not. You can look at a movie poster and decide if you’ll like it or not without knowing what the movies about. You can walk into a absolute strangers bedroom and get a pretty good idea of what they are like using thin slicing.

Thin Slicing is your mind constantly learning and making predictions based off experience and knowledge.

Check out Blink here :

The Crooked Heart of Misery. You should get that checked by ,like, a doctor.

Billie Livingston’s The Crooked Heart of Misery was given to a bunch of us booksellers with a special cover that said ,”The Writer You Need To Read Right Now”.

I don’t usually take up corporate sponsored recommendations, but I decided to take a chance on this one and I didn’t regret a moment of it. The first paragraph in which Bens thoughts wonder on the whiteness of a room he’s in is enough to pull you in.

The story focuses around two characters, Ben who wakes up one day with a hole in his head after an accident during his work as a limo driver, and Maggie ,Ben’s Ex, who is trying to put herself together after her ex husbands accident.

Francis, Maggie’s brother whom she trys to confide in, is a Catholic priest , who is not only gay but is a wild drunk (or was just filled with the blood of Christ) faces public embarrassment after a video of his behavior goes viral.

The writing is fantastic and the chaotic story makes this a book you’ll definitely want to read.

Bro’s don’t let the cheesy title scare you off, this one isn’t in the romance section.